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  • Engineered to meet or exceed OE designs and withstand the extreme operating temperatures experienced during a powersports engine’s combustion
  • Iridium-enhanced 0.6mm finewire design for improved ignitability, faster fuel combustion and a more focused ignition versus standard plugs
  • Up to 26 percent quicker starts compared to that of standard plugs and as much as 21 percent less hydrocarbon emissions than standard plugs, which promotes better fuel efficiency and horsepower
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Autolite No. XS4063 - NGK Cross Ref. No. BR8ES, BR8EIX
product # 4-XS4063
Autolite No. XS4064 - NGK Cross Ref. No. BR7ES, BR7EIX
product # 4-XS4064
Autolite No. XS4092 - NGK Cross Ref. No. BR9HS, BR8HIX
product # 4-XS4092
Autolite No. XS4093 - NGK Cross Ref. No. BR6HS, BR7HS, BR7HIX
product # 4-XS4093
Autolite No. XS4162 - NGK Cross Ref. No. D9EA, DCPR9EIX, DPR9EA-9, DPR9EIX-9
product # 4-XS4162
Autolite No. XS4163 - NGK Cross Ref. No. DCPR8EIX, DR8EA, DR8ES-L
product # 4-XS4163
Autolite No. XS4164 - NGK Cross Ref. No. D7EA, DPR7EA-9, DPR8EA-9, DCPR7EIX
product # 4-XS4164
Autolite No. XS4302 - NGK Cross Ref. No. CR9E, CR9EHIX-9
product # 4-XS4302
Autolite No. XS4303 - NGK Cross Ref. No. CR8E, CR8EHIX-9
product # 4-XS4303
Autolite No. XS5224 - NGK Cross Ref. No. ZFR6A-11, ZFR7F, IZFR6K11
product # 4-XS5224
Autolite No. XP64 - NGK Cross Ref. No. BPR6ES, GR5
product # 4-XP64
Autolite No. XS61 - NGK Cross Ref. No. BPR8ES, BPR8EIX
product # 4-XS61
Autolite No. XS62 - NGK Cross Ref. No. BPR7ES, BPR7EIX
product # 4-XS62
Autolite No. XS63 - NGK Cross Ref. No. BPR6ES, BPR6EIX, GR5
product # 4-XS63
Autolite No. XS65 - NGK Cross Ref. No. BPR5ES, BPR5EIX, GR4
product # 4-XS65
Autolite No. XS85 - NGK Cross Ref. No. R5670-5, XR5
product # 4-XS85
Autolite No. XS985 - NGK Cross Ref. No. BPR5ES-11, ZFR4F-11, ZGR5C
product # 4-XS985
Autolite No. XS3922 - NGK Cross Ref. No. BKR7E, BKR7EIX
product # 4-XS3922
Autolite No. XS3923 - NGK Cross Ref. No. BKR6E, BKR6EIX, BKR7ES-11
product # 4-XS3923
Autolite No. XS3924 - NGK Cross Ref. No. BKR5E, BKR5EIX
product # 4-XS3924
Autolite No. XS4062 - NGK Cross Ref. No. BR9ES, BR9EIX
product # 4-XS4062